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Reclining Standing Power Wheelchairs

Reclining Standing Power Wheelchairs

Reclining/Standing Wheelchairs can be beneficial to people who have difficulty standing on their own. These types of wheelchairs prioritize safety, comfort, and utility, allowing the user to sit and stand in the wheelchair at any time and in any location, as well as supporting better health, wellbeing, and freedom. These types of standing power wheelchairs can help a person achieve a sit-to-stand position while simultaneously serving as a normal electric wheelchair.

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Reclining Standing Power Wheelchairs

Invacare® Storm Series® Torque™ 3 Power Wheelchair

Invacare® Storm Series® Torque™ 3 Power Wheelchair

Invacare® Storm Series® Torque™ SP Power Wheelchair

Invacare® Storm Series® Torque™ SP Power Wheelchair

Power Reclining/Standing Wheelchairs enables you to stand and carry out tasks on your own at home or outside. It is recommended that an individual be monitored by a close family member or relative until they feel confident enough to do their obligations on their own. People with spinal cord injuries, paralytic symptoms, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Multiple Sclerosis, and other injuries are the most likely to utilize it.

At RehabPulse, we believe everyone with a power wheelchair who has medical clearance from a physician to stand can benefit from this technology. The standing technology is safe, reliable, stable and durable.

Types of Reclining/Standing Wheelchairs

  1. Manual Reclining Power Wheelchair: This type has captain seats that can be manually reclined, which is a huge benefit for anyone who wants to extend their joints.
  2. Power Reclining Power Wheelchair:  The user can relieve sitting tension and shift the burden from the client's backside to the back by reclining backwards. They can rest and stretch the center of the body by leaning back into this position on their own. This technique relieves pressure while also preventing sores.
  3. Power Tilt-In-Electric Wheelchair: While sitting in a wheelchair for an extended period of time, this function allows the user to open up the pelvis or thighs to relieve pressure. The lower angle or position remains unchanged; it is tilted backwards.
  4. Power Standing Power Wheelchair: Standing technology is safe, dependable, steady, and long-lasting. It aids the user in preserving their physical and emotional well-being.
  5. Power Lifting Power Wheelchair: Little everyday exercises might be made easier with the power lift capabilities. Whether it's elevating the seat to match the height of the table or conversing with others at the same eye level. When communicating socially, this feature allows the user to feel more equal to others.

Customization options

Power Standing Wheelchairs are individually configured, meaning that your chair will be customized to your needs. Below are some configuration options.

  • Width, depth, height, seat angles.
  • Manual and power elevating leg rests and foot platforms
  • Custom seat and back cushions
  • Alternative drive controls including foot control, head control
  • Multi Feature joystick controls
  • Adjustable headrests, armrest, and side support.


Weight Capacity : These kinds of wheelchairs can accommodate weight limits from 200 to 400 lbs.
Turning Radius : Turning radius of the models ranges from 20” to 40”.
Seat width and depth : Seats are adjustable according to your necessity. Seat width can be changed from 14" to 22" and the debt can be extended from 16" to 22".
Weight : The weight of the product depends on the models you pick. The smaller modest model can weigh from 60 lbs to 125 lbs with the bigger model.
Wheels : The wheels on the models are greater, more grounded to override any hindrance. Your wheelchair might be equipped with 4 to 8 wheels relying upon the model.

These models are one-of-a-kind rehabilitation aids that are used under the supervision of a licensed therapist. It will improve the user's day-to-day activities, which will help them maintain both their physical and emotional health. The user of a wheelchair can alter their upper body position, which helps improve blood flow and relieve pressure points. When you spend the bulk of your day in a wheelchair, being able to stand has a great impact on your health and wellness.

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