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Working with RehabPulse Insurance Claim Platform

At RehabPulse we have relentless obsession to improve access and increase affordability for life-enhancing medical products and solutions. In this pursuit, RehabPulse has developed RehabPulseclaim platform, first of its kind and we aim to develop this further to make the experience seamless and hassle free for our customers. RehabPulse is an Accredited and certified Medicare provider for durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics, and supplies (DMEPOS).

RehabPulse works with our strategic healthcare partners and different insurance companies and Workman’s Compensation for helping you with processing your DMEinsurance claims. The overview of the process for applying for insurance claim for Non-Complex Rehab Products is listed below; for the Complex Rehab Power Chair please call our office 1877 234 2018 to discuss further.

Our team of experts, depending on the medical product you are interested in, will be available throughout the process to help and assist you. When applying for insurance claim for your medical equipment such as a wheelchair or walker, it’s important to understand what is involved with the application process.

When you’ve created your account on RehabPulseclaim and submitted the required information, we will work with your medical team making sure we have all the information we need to generate a Physician Order for the insurance bill. Next we work with medicare/Medicaid and other payor source to get approval for your equipment. We will notify you of any co-pays, deductibles or financial responsibilities that you are responsible for paying.

Then, we will select your equipment from our marketplace or order it from the manufacture if it not already available in our stock. When the equipment is completely assembled and inspected, we call and schedule delivery. Upon delivery, you can also ask us for White glove delivery services where we come and demonstrate and show you how to safely use your equipment and then remove the packaging. The process is summarized below:

1. Fill out the initial contact form

Visit RehabPulseclaim.com and create an account, then login and fill your information with all the details asked in the application form. Our fast, secure, completely online way to submit the information. If you don’t want to work online, select call back request and we will contact you.

How We Make It Easier

Apply how you want: work online, talk to an Expert, or visit us in person.
Import all your information and prescription from your referring physician (must be within last 3-12 months old) if available already, upload letter of medical necessity if you have and then click submit.

2. Explore your options

RehabPulse platform will check all your insurance and other details you have submitted. In the meanwhile, you can browse through all the product details and different options. You can visit the virtual showroom for wheelchairs and get yourself measured and get help through our free video consultation service with our experts. RehabPulse.com has most of these products available with photos, videos and extensive product details including warranty information. Our product experts can help you over the phone, through live chat or if we are in your area then welcome to visit us in person.

How we make Product Selection Easy:

Visit our virtual showroom for wheelchairs take video consultation with experts. Call us or request a call back to discuss your needs, open daily. Visit rehabpulse.com and browse extensive product information available Come on live chat or ask questions through “Ask Now” feature on Product page.

3. Verify your information

We’ll check to make sure your information is correct and then verify your benefits from the payor source. We will take prior-authorizationif needed depending on the type of product and requirement. We will submit any added information required by the payor.

We will analyze and provide advice on product, explain the costs, benefits and insurance allowance and coverage of each product option so you can decide which one is right for you.

How We Make Verification Easy

Import your insurance information online so you don’t have to bother with finding and sending in paper documents. Real-time updates will keep your claim moving quickly and keep you informed.

4. Delivery and installation

Upon approval from the payor source, we will promptly order the product from our RehabPulse marketplace and then have it delivered or provide in home White glove service. In our white glove service, we will visit you at your home and deliver in person, unpack, assemble, provide tutorial, remove any old packaging, see details White Glove Delivery (rehabpulse.com)

How We Make Delivery and Fitting Easy

Deliver by our shipping service, receive tracking in advance, set up delivery at your convenience. White Glove Delivery Service: No hassle of assembly and disposing the packaging.